14 July, 2023

After a few good years, one’s home’s electrical system will have suffered some wear and tear such as corrosion and loose connections. 

These conditions are hazardous as they can cause overheating that puts pressure on the conductive metal parts and the insulated plastic components holding a breaker box together. 

Knowing the signs of when to replace a Cutler Hammer electrical panel is vital for identifying when the electrical system needs attention. 

How Long Does An Electrical Panel Last?

Most professionals state that an electrical panel board can last between 25 to 40 years depending on the brand and correct installation. Important to note is that many factors such as load demand and exposure to the elements can have an impact on the life expectancy of an electrical panel.

Learning how to identify when an electrical upgrade is needed is crucial to avoid the complete failure of a breaker box which can lead to power outages or potential fire hazards.

Signs You Need To Change Electric Panel And A Breaker

If an electrical panel and breaker start showing symptoms such as flickering lights, the panel is warm to the touch, or the breakers are tripping regularly, these are clear warning signs and should not be ignored. 

If the following signs can be identified on one’s electrical system then it’s most likely time for a Cutler Hammer panel cover replacement.

The Electrical Panel Is Over 25-60 Years Old

Though the expected lifespan of an electrical panel can be up to 40 years, the 25-year mark is a good time to replace them before complete failure or potentially dangerous faults start to occur.

Burning Odors

If a burning odor near the electrical panel can be noticed, this needs to be seen immediately as this smell could be electrical wires melting, scorched wood, or insulation in the walls.

Circuit Breakers Keep Tripping

Circuit breakers are known to trip from time to time, but if a breaker is tripping more frequently, this could signal that it cannot sufficiently handle the amount of electricity that it’s receiving.

How To Replace An Electrical Panel In A Home?

Opening the outer door of the electrical service panel to turn on a disabled circuit breaker is something that many homeowners will have experience in doing. However, when it comes to the actual process of replacing an electrical panel, it can be more complex.

For a Cutler Hammer circuit breaker replacement, it’s best to call in an electrician, as any work that involves removing the protective front cover and handling the electrical panel wiring can be complicated and potentially hazardous.

As the main breaker panel is the connecting point for all the branch circuits supplying everything, there may also be complex electrical codes that need attention. For these reasons, this process requires a professional to see the replacement through in the safest way possible.

What Breakers Are Compatible With The Cutler Hammer Panel

When it comes to compatibility with a Cutler Hammer panel, there are a few reputable brands worth considering. Some of the compatible options include:

  • GE (General Electric): GE breakers will work in Cutler-Hammer panels, but will need to use an adapter as they do not fit. In this case, the most popular adapter is the GE GHB breaker.
  • Eaton: Eaton breakers are a great choice as they are almost all compatible with Cutler-Hammer panels.
  • Square D: Most Square D breakers will be interchangeable with Cutler-Hammer panels.
  • Siemens: Siemens breakers work well with Cutler-Hammer panels that use Bryant Electric BR series breakers.

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Knowing when to replace your Cutler Hammer electrical panel is crucial for maintaining a safe and functional electrical system in your home. If you recognize the signs of a faulty electrical panel, call us at Electrical Supply Distribution today or contact us online! 

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