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    About Us

    Who we are?

    Electrical Supply Distribution is the creation of co-owner Gabriel Brionez and Bryan Laurion. After years of working his way up the ranks in the electrical industry, Gabriel decided he wanted to be his own boss and give his clientele the customer service and support he felt was missing in the electrical circuit breaker industry. With the support of his step-father Bryan, they got together, created a business plan, and started what is known today as Electrical Supply Distribution.

    ESD has been in business for over 10 years. Our customers tell us we are a trustworthy partner, easy and pleasant to work with, offering great pricing on a huge inventory containing the highest quality product.

    Our Staff

    Gabriel Brionez

    Gabriel Brionez

    CEO / Co-Owner

    Gabriel began working in the Electrical Industry in 1999, where he was hired to do, Shipping, and Receiving along with Quality Control. Within a month of being hired Gabriel put processes in place to removed any errors and minimized the return rate of the product.

    After over 20 years working in his first electrical warehouse, Gabriel went from Shipping, Receiving, Quality Control, and Delivery to Warehouse Manager in a year. That following year, he would learn how to test, recondition, and re-qualify electrical equipment to NETA standards. In the following years, he would take over purchasing and streamline the processed, and shortly after an opportunity came up for him to move into inside sales.

    The last promotion Gabriel received contributed to the growth of the company. An Outside Sales position would open up later in his employment that would solidify his love for the Electrical Industry.


    Bryan Laurion

    CFO / Co-Owner

    Bryan went to college at Cal State University, Northridge, graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with an option in Accounting Theory and Practice. He would go on to become a Certified Public Accountant in the state of California and Washington.

    Bryans’s growth within this field started with being a CPA to Manager/Senior Manager and CFO. With over 35 years of accounting experience working for some of the top Firms in both states, Bryan brings his knowledge of accounting and tax law to Electrical Supply Distribution.

    Bryan assisted Gabriel with setting up a Finance system and inventory system, Electrical Supply Distribution with Growing to the company they are today.

    Seeing Gabriel’s passion for the industry and the knowledge base he had created over the years, starting up ESD with him was an easy decision.


    Employee / Owner in Training

    Tristen is enthusiastic about learning the business his father has created. He comes in and shadows his father when he isn’t matriculating or playing soccer.

    Electrical Supply Distribution can’t wait for him to become more involved with the company

    Danielle Bates

    HR/Fin/Web. Dev & Sale

    Danielle comes to Electrical Supply Distribution with over 30 years of experience in Finance and Human Resources. Working in industries from Aerospace and Staffing to Property management and Pharmaceutical.

    Her knowledge and experience have assisted ESD with onboarding new employees, along with taking and keeping track of our company’s physical inventory and all other office management duties.

    At this time Danielle is expanding her knowledge in website development, content writing, blogging, and internet sales/marketing to assist in Electrical Supply Distribution company growth.

    Based in Atlanta Georgia she is able to get a head start on pressing company business before the doors are opened in Monroe.

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