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    Circuit Breaker Panel Box Cover


    Circuit Breaker Box

    A circuit breaker box is an electrical panel box that is seen as a distribution point for all the electricity in a home. It takes the electricity from the electrical company’s utility lines and safely distributes it to all the appliances, lighting, and outlets that need it through circuits.

    Electric Supply Distribution stands out from the rest as they have a vast and premium selection of circuit breaker boxes, available in top-of-the-line brands, including 20 years of electrical experience.

    Why Are Circuit Breaker Boxes Important?

    The main circuit breaker panel safely distributes the supply of power to a house. The circuit breaker box has other smaller sub-switches called breakers that connect with specific areas within a house. The primary function of a circuit breaker box is to ensure electrical safety.

    The electricity that flows from the utility company’s line passes through the meter and into the main circuit breaker panel. This can be dangerous for individuals, making them at risk of electric hazards from home appliances, HVAC systems, and electronic equipment to electric shocks, burns, and fires, which can seriously harm people and property.

    The circuit breaker panel is important because it supplies power. However, it is also designed with safety features that protect the wiring and avoid electrical shocks and fire due to overloading or heat build-up. The safety mechanism of the circuit breaker panel protects one’s home or place of work and its individuals against all the hazards of improper grounding, short circuits, voltage fluctuations, faulty wiring, and damaged insulation.

    Main Components of a Circuit Breaker Box

    Main Breaker

    The large switch positioned above or below the two rows of circuit breakers is the main breaker and controls the amount of electricity distributed to the circuits.

    Circuit Breakers

    The rows of switches that take up most of an electrical panel box’s interior are known as circuit breakers and each one provides power to its designated breaker that one can quickly identify if properly labeled. 

    Hot Bus Bars

    The hot bus bars connect to thick service wires and transfer electricity from the street’s utility lines that reach one’s electrical panel, making it possible for electricity to flow from the main to the circuit breakers.

    Neutral Bus Bars

    The neutral bus bars connect to the neutral wire and return electricity to the circuit breaker after powering an appliance.

    Grounding Bar

    The grounding bar connects with the grounding copper wire, enabling electricity to travel into the ground if and when a problem arises.

    Expansion Slots

    Expansion slots may be regarded as empty slots that allow a licensed electrician to add additional breakers if one needs more electrical power to their home.

    Our Product – Circuit Breaker Panel Box Brands

    When choosing Electrical Supply Distribution for all circuit breaker box needs, one can enjoy brands such as:

    • Cutler Hammer
    • Eaton
    • General Electric
    • Siemens
    • Square-D

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    One will receive competitive prices, making it affordable and easy for individuals to ensure that their homes and businesses are equipped with top-of-the-line electrical brands that provide environments with access to high-quality electrical features for all operations, as well as the highest level of safety.

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