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    Electrical Supply Quick, Accurate, and at Cost Savings!

    ESD LLC is one of the leading providers in the Northwest for your Circuit Breaker, and Electrical Equipment needs.

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    We are here to handle all your
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    We are here to handle all your
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    Our Strength: Helping
    You Find what You Need

    Here at ESD LLC, we believe in customer satisfaction, and every question is worth our time. We take the time to try and give the best detailed information possible and supply data sheets and drawings when feasible.

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    Our Strength Is Helping You Find What You Need!

    Here at ESD LLC, we believe in customer satisfaction, and every question is worth our time. We take the time to try and give the best detailed information possible and supply data sheets and drawings when feasible.

    A lot of times, customers call the office just for information, and we are always happy to answer their questions. The owner of ESD LLC takes pride in his 20 plus years of experience with electrical equipment and what lines he carries in the shop. Rarely, he doesn’t have an answer, but when that happens, he educates himself so he can better inform his customers.

    We look forward to talking with you.

    The need to find an electrical supply distributor can oftentimes feel like a daunting task. Therefore, it only makes sense to look for a business that has been in the industry for a long time, as time equates to wisdom.   

    With over 20 years of recognized experience in the electrical supply sector, Electrical Supply Distribution LLC is a family-run business. We sell electrical supplies, and our team of qualified experts takes delight in working with customers from all over the country.

    Circuit breakers are crucial to the security of our residences and workplaces. Electrical fire risk would significantly increase in the absence of reliable circuit breakers.  

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    Electric Supply: Trip Units & Circuit Breakers


    If there is an overload or short circuit, circuit breakers instantly stop the flow of current into your home. By doing so, arc defects are avoided, as well as a variety of other risks like burns, electrocution, and sparking devices.

    Commercial & Industrial

    Power surge risk and the number of other electrical hazards are significantly reduced by our variety of industrial circuit breakers and trip units. These electrical components will ensure the security of your workers, the smooth operation of your gear, and the greatest electrical technology available for your electrical distribution box.

    Industrial Circuit Breakers

    Commercial and industrial facilities typically need a minimum panel amperage of 60 to 120 AMPS. 200 AMPS is advised as the minimum up to 400 AMPS per current standards.

    We provide a wide variety of commercial circuit breakers to make sure every company gets the right circuit breakers for their power requirements. We aim to help you run your business more efficiently by providing a dependable circuit breaker that reacts quickly to overcurrent and safeguards it against electrical fires.

    A collection of automatic switches known as a circuit breaker is used to identify whether an electrical circuit has experienced a fault. Typical mistakes include the following:

    • Overloaded circuit
    • Short circuit
    • Ground fault
    • Other electrical hazards

    Your circuit breaker will immediately shut off that circuit if it detects such a problem to eliminate any chance of electrocution, electrical fire, or other electrical disasters.

    We have only stocked the best industrial circuit breakers in order to keep you and your property safe. We can guarantee that our breakers will provide protection for circuits of all configurations and sizes.

    Industrial Trip Units

    Within circuit breakers, trip units play a crucial role. They are the component of the circuit breaker that gauges when the contacts have actuated. Here’s an illustration:

    Utilizing heat-sensing metal strips, a thermal-magnetic breaker may quickly identify overloads and shut down the offending circuit.

    We provide a wide range of industrial trip units at ESD, including the following possibilities:

    • 3 pole 125A
    • 3 pole 250A
    • 3 pole 300A
    • 3 pole 400A options
    • And more!

    The Cutler-Hammer Manufacturing Co. was established by Harry Henderson Cutler and Edward West Hammer in 1893 and is an industry leader in circuit breakers, speed regulators, and electrical starters. In your home or place of business’ electrical environment, each Cutler Hammer breaker fulfills a crucial function.

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    Electrical Supply Products From Leading Brands

    We have only carried the best-rated products from reputable manufacturers because we are strongly committed to high-quality electrical supply products.

    Our top manufacturers include:

    Find the precise circuit breaker you require by using our online Eaton breakers catalog. Simply click on the Eaton breaker you’re searching for to bring up a detailed product description and allow you to add it to your cart.

    Why You Should Partner With Electrical Supply Distribution LLC

    By carefully partnering with the most reputable and safety-conscious manufacturers, we can guarantee our customers the highest-quality components and customer support. In order to keep you informed and prepared to choose the best electric products for your business, the ESD team goes above and above.

    We appreciate every interaction with our customers, therefore we welcome phone calls from those who have inquiries that we can answer. Our electrical store wants to provide you with the most thorough information so you can choose the best products for your particular needs.

    Even more, as your go-to electric supply company, when it is helpful, we send data sheets and drawings in addition to our best effort to provide the most thorough information.

    Order From An Electrical Supply You Can Count On

    Electrical Supply Distribution’s professionals know everything there is to know about commercial, industrial, and residential circuit breakers, and we would like to assist you in selecting the right one for your company.

    Contact us right away to find out more about our large assortment of circuit breakers.

    Electrical Supply Quick, accurate, and at Cost Savings!

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