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    Square D Circuit Breakers

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    Square D Circuit Breakers

    Square D circuit breakers are produced by leading electrical products manufacturer, Square D — a legacy American institution founded in 1902. 

    Each Square D circuit breaker is designed for specific applications, so make sure you order a breaker that’s appropriate for the use you need. We carry Square D electrical circuit breakers for nearly every type of situation, from residential to industrial and commercial applications. 

    Continue reading to learn more about circuit breakers Square D, or contact Electrical Supply Distribution LLC today to ask questions or place your order. 


    Different Types of Square D Breakers

    We offer a wide variety of Square D circuit breaker types. Some of our most common orders include:


    Square D Molded Case Circuit Breakers

    Square D’s molded case breakers are ideal for protecting against thermal overloads, ground faults, and short circuits. These are available as one, two, three, and four-pole circuit breakers. 

    The Square D molded case circuit breakers we carry range in capacity from 125A to 2000A and can be used in both residential and commercial applications. 

    Two of Square D’s most popular molded case circuit breakers are their HomeLine and QO series. Note: QO and HomeLine breakers are not interchangeable, so always verify that the breaker you’re ordering is the correct one for your application. 


    Square D QO™ Circuit Breakers

    Square D’s Qwik-Open circuit breakers (QO breakers) live up to their name, as they are well known for their record opening speeds (1/60th of a second). 

    Another feature that makes these circuit breakers popular is their easy-to-spot visual trip indicator that helps you quickly find tripped breakers. 

    Note: these easy-plug-in breakers are designed for use in NQ and NQOD panelboards, QO load centers, Speed-D switchboards, and OEM mounting bases. 


    Square D Circuit Breakers Catalog

    To see the full list of Square D circuit breakers types that we carry, please browse the digital catalog. 

    Order Your Square D Circuit Breaker Today

    Here at Electrical Supply Distribution, we take pride in stocking high-quality parts from the world’s leading manufacturers and brands. Whether you’re looking for Square D circuit breaker panels or a simple molded case breaker, we’ll be able to quickly provide you with the parts you need. 

    Use the catalog on this page to place your order, or contact our office today for additional information or to place your order over the phone, or contact us today.


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