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    Circuit Breaker Terminals in Northwest, WA

    A circuit breaker terminal is a component used to electrically connect the circuit breaker to the circuit that it is protecting. This can be seen as a wire, with or without a connector at its end, that can be attached to the circuit breaker through the terminal.

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    Types of Circuit Breaker Terminals

    Quick Connect Tabs Terminals

    This type of circuit breaker terminal is known as a push-on connection and is made without the need for external hardware such as screws, meaning that it takes quickly to install and is rated up to 30 amps.

    Screw Terminals

    Screw terminations are designed to attach the connecting wires, fork or ring connectors, or bus bar to the circuit breaker by tightened screws.

    It is made up of a terminal with a threaded hole and an 8-32 or 10-32 screw.

    This type of circuit breaker terminal is available in two styles known as

    • Bus Type
    • Upturned Lugs

    Bus type screw terminals are designed to make a completely flush connection with the bus bar if one chooses the bus bar as the conductor. The terminal is accustomed so that a vertically mounted breaker would connect to a horizontally mounted busbar.

    Screw terminals with upturned lugs will have the corners of the bus terminal bent slightly in an upward direction, which offers a more secure connection for fork or ring connectors.

    Threaded Stud Terminals

    Threaded stud terminals are designed to attach connecting wires, fork, or ring connectors to the circuit breaker by tightened hex nuts that can fit a stud terminal. They are designed for higher amperage ratings and are considered the most reliable and stable form of connection.

    Box Wire Connector Terminals

    Box wire connector terminals are high amperage connectors made up of a box lug and screw, meaning that it is designed for direct wire connections.

    Printed Circuit Board Terminals

    Printed circuit board terminals are fastened directly to a printed circuit board, which removes the need for wiring. This type of circuit breaker terminal provides a quick, space-saving, cost-effective option and is ideal for when multiple circuit breakers are required.

    Push-In Stud Terminals

    Push-in stud terminals are seen as bullet-shaped terminals that fit into .311-inch diameter mounting holes within a bus bar. They are a cost-effective, space-saving choice well suited for multi-pole telecommunication and power distribution applications.

    Our Product

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