13 April, 2022

A circuit breaker is a device used to protect an electrical circuit from damage. It breaks the circuit when it senses an overload or a short circuit. As a result, you may experience a power outage in your home.

How do you change a circuit breaker? In this circuit breaker replacement guide, we will walk you through replacing a breaker from start to finish. You will also learn about what can trip your circuit breaker.

Circuit Breaker Failures

Short Circuit

A short circuit is a condition in which electricity flows through a course that it shouldn’t. Short circuits can happen when two wires come into contact with each other.

Power Surges and Spikes

A power surge is a sudden increase in the voltage of an electrical circuit. A power spike increases the current of that same electrical circuit.

Overload Current

An overload current happens when the current flowing through an electrical circuit exceeds what the circuit breaker installation can handle.

Ground Faults

A ground fault is a condition in which current flows from a circuit through the ground.

Quick Steps on Circuit Breaker Replacement Guide

Shut Down Your Main Supply

First, turn off the main power supply. You should also wear gloves and protective glasses while working with live wires.

Unscrew All the Screws of the Panel Cover

Next, unscrew all the screws on the panel cover of your circuit breaker box. Unscrewing them will give you access to the inside of the electrical panel.

Keep In Mind Live Parts Before Moving to Main Circuit Breaker

Pay attention to any live parts before proceeding. Working with electricity can quickly turn dangerous if you’re not careful.

Unscrew All the Screws of the Main Circuit Breaker

This step gives you access to the main circuit breaker.

Circuit Breaker Installation

Remove the main circuit breaker and install the new one.

Attach the Correlated Wire

Attach the correlated wire to connect the circuit breaker to the power supply.

Place the Cover Back to Its Original Position

After installing the circuit breaker fuse replacement, replace the panel cover.

Flip the Switch and Restore Power

After flipping the power switch, you should be ready to go.

Why You Need Professional Help

You can replace a circuit breaker using this circuit breaker replacement guide. However, we recommend getting professional help to ensure a quality job. A circuit breaker replacement can be dangerous and things can go wrong throughout the process.

If you’re uncomfortable working with live wires, ESD LLC can help. We frequently and efficiently replace many types of circuit breakers. Our team can assist you with changing your circuit breaker and restoring power to your home.

ESD LLC Is Your Leading Provider for Your Circuit Breaker

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