22 September, 2023

When choosing a circuit breaker, there are numerous other elements to take into account that have significant effects. 

The industrial circuit breaker panel’s main function is to stop a power surge; however, because every structure is unique and has specialized equipment, some of it may be more sensitive than others.

For optimal protection against power surges and electrical overloads, your building needs a circuit breaker that is both reliable and efficient.

What Is an Industrial Circuit Breaker Panel?

The central node of an electrical distribution system is the electrical panel.

It receives power from the utility company, divides it into branch circuits, or feeds into other electrical panels, where the power is then dispersed once again.

There are breakers and fuses, as well as every other circuit-protecting and safety device. It serves as the “service entrance,” if you will.

The panel is the first thing we inspect when a building loses power, and no outage has been reported to the region. 

Even if there has been a broad outage, it is a good idea to check the main power breaker and panel box because the majority of power outages are caused by switched switches or blown fuses in the panel.

Industrial Type Circuit Breaker Panel for Commercial Buildings

The many categories of industrial circuit breakers are numerous. Which kind of business circuit breaker will serve you best depends on your industry and the voltage levels you employ.

The top five commercial panel types are shown below:

1. Primary Control Panels

This kind of panel is used to distribute electricity from the power lines owned by the utility company into the electrical system of a building. The power to the entire building may usually be turned off by turning the main breaker.

2. Subpanels

These panels are used to channel energy from the main service panel to rooms or pieces of equipment inside a structure.

3. Load Centers

Although comparable to subpanels, these panels are made to be more portable and simpler to install. They are frequently employed in smaller commercial structures.

4. Transfer Switches

These panels are used to transfer between various power sources, such as between a backup generator and the power provided by the utility company. Commercial buildings can choose from a variety of transfer switch types, each with special characteristics and uses.

5. Control Panels for Lighting

These panels can be set to turn lights on or off at certain times or in reaction to specific events, and they are used to manage the lighting of commercial buildings.

For your commercial enterprise, Electrical Supply Distribution offers a large selection of premium industrial circuit breaker panels.

Commercial circuit breakers are available in models from GE, Eaton, Cutler Hammer, Siemens, Square D, and other manufacturers.

How we are able to assist you?

At Electrical Supply Distribution, we have a wide variety of industrial circuit breaker panels to meet the needs of every company’s power requirement. 

With a dependable circuit breaker that reacts quickly to overcurrent and shields your business from electrical fires, we aim to help you run your business more efficiently.

Electrical Supply Distribution professionals know everything there is to know about commercial circuit breakers, and we would like to assist you in selecting the right one for your company.

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