18 September, 2020

ESD LLC is here to assist in any way we can. We get asked questions daily about the equipment we carry. Sometimes the customer doesn’t know what they need, and we piece their needs together with the information they give us and the questions we ask; here is an example:

What is the enclosure for this?

The owner of ESD LLC answered this call and question; his answer was:

Siemens BQD is not meant to be mounted in an enclosure; they are used solely in P1&2 Panelboards 2-3phase 480Y/277 volt @ 14k AIC, 240V @ 65K.

If you are looking for an enclosed breaker, 480Y/277 Volt @ 14K AIC, 240V @ 65K, then he suggested they look at an ED Type frame.

Siemens ED43B (015 AMP to 125 AMP) 2-3 Pole, 480 Volt @ 18K AIC, 240 Volt @ 65K AIC to mountain to a-

Siemens E2N1S 125 AMP, max 3 phase 600 volt surface mount indoor circuit breaker enclosure for ED, EDA, HED, and HHED Frames.

Here at ESD LLC, we believe in customer surface, and every question is worth our time. We take the time to try and give the best-detailed information possible and supply data sheets and drawings when feasible.

A lot of times, customers call the office just for information, and we are always happy to answer their questions. The owner of ESD LLC takes pride in his 20 plus years of experience with electrical equipment and what lines he carries in the shop. Rarely, he doesn’t have an answer, but when that happens, he educates himself so he can better inform his customers.

We look forward to talking with you.