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    Siemens Circuit Breakers

    Find Siemens circuit breakers at Electrical Surplus Distributions today. Protect your home from electrical surges. Learn more about Circuit Breakers Siemens.

    Siemens electrical breakers are versatile and powerful components created by one of the leading manufacturers of circuit breakers in the world. 

    Each Siemens circuit breaker is optimized for a different use, from low-voltage residential applications to industrial and infrastructure applications. For maximum efficiency, you can also pair your breakers with a Siemens circuit breaker panel. 

    Continue reading to learn more about circuit breakers Siemens, or use our online Siemens circuit breaker catalog to order yours today. 


    Siemens electrical breaker


    Siemens Circuit Breakers Catalog

    Use the digital catalog to find the circuit breaker you need. To read more about one of our Siemens residential circuit breakers, simply click it to bring up a detailed description of that breaker. If it’s the breaker you need, quickly add it to your cart and order it today. 


    Types of Siemens Electrical Circuit Breakers

    We carry a wide variety of Siemens electrical breakers. Some of our most common orders include: 


    Siemens Molded Case Circuit Breakers

    Molded case circuit breakers Siemens are available in nine frame sizes, ranging from 125A to a whopping 2000A. You can order electronic trip molded case breakers and thermal-magnetic versions. 

    Siemens molded case circuit breakers are easy to install, can be paired with 100% rated frames, and offer a huge number of motor circuit protectors and case switch sizes. These robust breakers also feature leading ETU technology, including DAS, communication, and metering. 


    Siemens Quad Circuit Breakers

    Siemens quad breakers deliver compact and easy-to-install protection for your home or business. These circuit breakers feature four poles combined into two breaker positions and if one phase trips, then the other breaker trips as well. The benefit here is that Siemens quad circuit breakers trip internally rather than requiring the pole handles to be connected. 


    Siemens QP Circuit Breakers

    Siemens QP breakers are available in 4 constructions ranging from 1 pole 120V, to 3 Pole 240V. These specialized breakers feature easy-to-install connections (Siemens Insta-Wire), and can be modified with fungus proofing and 400Hz Calibration. 


    Siemens Murray Circuit Breakers

    Siemens’ Murray brand of circuit breakers was phased out in 2019 and are no longer available. There are equivalent Siemens parts available which you can order instead of your Murray breaker. 



    Order Your Siemens Power Circuit Breakers Today

    Still have questions? We’re happy to help. Contact Electrical Supply Distribution LLC today for guidance. 

    For example, are you looking for circuit breaker panels? Give us a call and we’ll be happy to special order Siemens circuit breakers distributors for you.


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