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    Eaton Circuit Breakers

    Keep your home or business safe from overloads, overheating wires, & short circuits by equipping Eaton circuit breakers here at Electrical Supply Distribution.

    Eaton circuit breakers are industry-leading, providing low and medium-voltage protection for commercial, residential, and industrial applications. Keep your home or business safe from overloads, overheating wires, short circuits, and arc faults by equipping your electrical system with Eaton breakers.

    Continue reading to learn more about Eaton breaker types or shop our online Eaton store for the circuit breaker you need.


    eaton breaker box


    CH & BR Eaton Breakers

    Eaton manufactures many types of breakers, with most styles of breakers coming in two versions: Type CH and Type BR.


    Eaton CH Breakers

    • Are ¾” wide
    • Have sandalwood handle
    • Trip to the OFF position
    • Feature a lifetime warranty
    • Can only be used in Eaton type CH loadcenters


    Eaton BR Breakers

    • Are 1” wide
    • Have black handle
    • Trip to the CENTER position
    • Come with a 10-year warranty
    • UL approved replacement breakers for Challenger, Westinghouse, and Bryant loadcenters


    eaton breaker boxes


    Types of Eaton Circuit Breakers

    Now that you understand the differences between Eaton CH breakers and BR breakers, let’s explore the types of breakers available. Again, most of these Eaton breaker types are available in both CH and BR versions.


    Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters (AFCI)

    The Eaton arc fault breaker protects your home or business from the most common kind of electrical fire — arcing faults.

    Arc faults are created when damage to wiring causes loose wire connections. This forces electricity to leap across from one wire to the other, causing sparks or arcing. These generate heat and can quickly lead to a fire.

    Eaton AFCI breakers mitigate the risk of arc faults and feature enhanced electronics that make circuit diagnostics easy and store trip history in the breaker’s memory for easy tracking.

    AFCI breakers are equipped with seven trip codes and an LED signal that tells you which one has tripped the breaker. These codes include:

    • Thermal trip / manual disconnect
    • Low current
    • High current
    • Short delay
    • Overvoltage
    • Ground fault
    • Self test failure


    Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI)

    Eaton ground fault breakers mitigate the risk of electrical shock in water. GFCI breakers are required anytime an application is near water or could be flooded (e.g. swimming pool, bathroom, kitchen, garage, and crawl space).


    Eaton Tandem Circuit Breakers

    An Eaton tandem breaker (also known as a duplex breaker) is a space-saving circuit breaker that can handle two electric circuits but only takes up one space in a loadcenter. We offer both Eaton BD breakers and BR tandem breakers. We also offer quadplex circuit breakers.


    Eaton Breaker Boxes

    Looking for an Eaton breaker box? Electrical Supply Distribution has you covered. We offer a variety of loadcenters, including:

    • Main breaker panels
    • Main lug panels
    • Type BR loadcenters
    • Type CH loadcenters



    Order Your Eaton Circuit Breakers Today

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