10 May, 2023

While performing any electrical work, circuit breaker compatibility is essential. To ensure the safety of your circuit and your electrical equipment, you must use circuit breakers compatible with a cutler hammer; failing to do so could result in an electrical fire.

Circuit breakers for low voltage, medium voltage, high voltage, and heat that use magnets, those from Eaton, Square D, Westinghouse, and Cutler Hammer are all compatible.

Earth leakage circuit breakers, common trip breakers, and rated circuit breakers are further types of circuit breakers.

Which Brand of Breakers Are Compatible With Cutler Hammer?

GE Breakers

Although they don’t fit, GE breakers will function in Cutler-Hammer panels, but you will need to use an adapter. The GE GHB breakers are the most widely used adaptor.

Eaton Breakers

Almost all Eaton breakers work with Cutler Hammer panels. Eaton ensures that their goods are interchangeable because it owns Cutler Hammer.

Siemens Breakers

Only Bryant Electric BR series breakers used in Cutler Hammer panels are compatible with Siemens breakers.

Square D Breakers

Eaton is the manufacturer of both Square D and Cutler Hammer, hence the majority of Square D breakers may be used with Cutler Hammer panels.

Westinghouse Breakers

The following breakers are identical; as a result, while having various nameplates, they are all compatible and can be used interchangeably.

  • Westinghouse
  • Square D
  • Eaton
  • Cutler-hammer

Even though the breaker models are similar, precise models must still be used.

All models of the Eaton breakers are compatible with the Cutler-Hammer. It is crucial to be aware that no Siemens model is compatible with the Cutler-Hammer. On the other hand, Murray breakers are interchangeable and work with the Cutler-Hammer.

Tests show that Murray & Siemens breakers can be used interchangeably. Murray and Square D breakers, however, function similarly. They are also simple to install and feature a sturdy design. They are trustworthy and secure, which is an added benefit.

How To Check A Breaker For Cutler-Hammer Panel Compatibility

The list below explains breakers compatible with cutler hammer CB:

  • Low-voltage circuit breakers are classified into two groups and are widely used in residential and commercial facilities: Circuit breakers with molded cases and miniature circuit breakers.
  • Circuit breakers for medium levels of voltage are used at 120V and 240V.
  • High-voltage circuit breakers act as a safety mechanism for the distribution and transmission of electricity.
  • Almost all circuit breakers contain thermal circuit breakers, often known as overload circuit breakers.
  • Eaton, Square D, Westinghouse, and Cutler-Hammer circuit breakers are all compatible with magnetic circuit breakers, a more modernized alternative to standard circuit breakers.

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