30 January, 2024

Have you heard the term arcing? How about the term arc fault? 

Let’s define and explain these terms to ensure you understand AFCI protection and how to protect your home or business against electrical fires. 

What is an AFCI Protection Breaker?

The AFCI is an arc fault circuit interrupter that protects against fires caused by arcing faults. Many fires are caused by incorrect home electrical wiring and arch faults. Arcing faults occur in damaged or deteriorated wires and cords. 

A conventional circuit breaker only responds to overloads and short circuits. It doesn’t offer protection against arcing conditions that produce erratic current flow. An AFCI  is selective so that standard arcs don’t cause it to trip.

Why Do We Need AFCI?

Fires can be extremely costly and dangerous. Your home could burn down, causing injury or, in extreme cases, even death! AFCIs are newly developed electrical devices designed to protect against fires caused by arcing faults in your home. 

Conventional overcurrent protective devices don’t detect low-level hazardous arcing that can cause electrical fires. Installing AFCIs in your home will enhance overall electrical safety.

What is AFCI protection? An arc-fault circuit interrupter or arch-fault detection device is a circuit breaker that breaks the circuit when it detects the electric arcs that are a signature of loose connections in home wiring.  Otherwise known as arc protection breakers.

AFCI  fire protection is the best defense your home has against electrical fires.

How Does AFCI Work?

The AFCI circuit continuously monitors current flow through the AFCI. It uses unique current sensing circuitry to discriminate between normal and unwanted arching conditions. If an unwanted arch occurs, the control circuitry in the AFCI trips the internal contacts and prevents a potential fire from occurring. 

AFCIs are designed to mitigate the effects of arcing faults but can’t eliminate them. Once it detects a fault, it will cut off the electrical power and trip when a short circuit or overload occurs.

Many older homes can’t handle the demands of today’s electrical appliances and devices. Warning signs include flickering lights, circuit breakers that constantly trip, and damaged electrical cords. 

Importance of AFCI Protection and Compliance

To prevent fires, the National Electrical Code (NEC) requires the installation of Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter (AFCI) protection in certain areas of a building. AFCI protection is designed to detect dangerous electrical arcs and shut off power to the circuit to prevent fires. 

The NEC mandates that AFCI protection be placed in specific areas, including bedrooms, living rooms, family rooms, dens, libraries, and other areas where people may be sleeping or spending time. 

By implementing AFCI protection, homeowners can significantly reduce the risk of electrical fires and increase the safety of their homes.

Preventing Fires The Easy Way 

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