18 November, 2022

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Shunt Trip Breaker


A shunt trip breaker is an optional accessory for one’s circuit breaker that allows individuals to trip the breaker remotely at any time or automatically during a surge, which prevents injuries and equipment damage during emergencies.


They are used in industrial, commercial, and residential environments. When it comes to a residential space, one can use a shunt trip breaker within their home to create an additional way to shut off their house’s electrical current during an emergency.


Shunt Trip Breaker Types


There are two main types of shunt trip breakers, known as automatic and manual.


Manual switches allow one to turn off the breaker outside the building using a remote button, while automatic shunt breaker switches to shut off the power as soon as they detect a surge from an external power source.


Where Are Shunt Trip Breakers Used?


In essence, a shunt breaker is a way to cut off electrical power through other sensors and not only through thermal activation. It is seen as an optional accessory for a circuit breaker, meaning that it is not required for a home electrical system, but it is highly recommended for added safety. 


For those working with industrial machinery, the need for a shunt breaker is even more important, and it can be used as a manual emergency switch to shut down the main breaker.


Environments where electrical shunts are required can be seen as most commercial kitchens, elevators, offices, and businesses that use industrial machinery or expensive electrical systems that could experience damage during a power surge.


How Does A Shunt Trip Breaker Work?


When electrical currents travel through a circuit breaker surge too high, the extra power surge charges an electromagnet beneath the main breaker switch, tripping the switch and cutting power. A shunt trip breaker provides an additional method to charge the electromagnet and trip the switch. These additional methods include a remote or automatic power shut-off. 


Some shunt trips may connect to an external power source, meaning that anytime a power surge reaches this source, a signal travels from the shunt trip to the breaker, which mechanically cuts the power off.


A shunt trip can also connect to a remote switch outside a building. Pressing a button on this switch sends an electrical surge through the shunt trip wiring, causing the power to shut off. 


Shunt Trip Breaker Brands


When visiting Electrical Supply Distribution for a shunt trip breaker, one will find the following:




  • Cutler Hammer/Eaton BR220ST
  • 2-Pole 
  • 20 AMP 
  • 120/240 Volt AT 10K AIC Plug-on


Shunt Trip Breakers From ESD


Shunt trip breakers provide additional safety within any environment, therefore, making them a truly valuable one’s electrical space. 


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