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    GE Circuit Breakers

    General Electric circuit breakers are popular for their longevity, ability to protect against many types of faults, and innovative diagnostic features like LED indicators.

    Here at Electrical Supply Distribution, we take pride in stocking a healthy variety of GE breakers so that you can easily find the parts you need and get your electrical system back online.

    Continue reading to learn more about our GE breaker options or shop our online GE breaker catalog to find the exact circuit breaker you need.


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    GE Circuit Breaker Types

    General Electric manufactures many different types of circuit breakers for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Each type of breaker is optimized to prevent a specific kind of electrical problem.

    Our inventory of GE circuit breakers includes:


    GE Arc Fault Circuit Breakers

    Arc faults occur when damaged wires disrupt the flow of electricity, forcing the current to jump across broken or loose wires. These leaps create sparks or arcs of electricity which, as you can imagine, can quickly start a fire inside your walls.

    Our GE Arc Fault Circuit Breakers (also known as AFCI breakers) are highly sensitive devices that instantly detect unstable electrical currents and cut off the flow of power before arc faults and sparks have the chance to appear.

    GE’s AFCI breakers are manufactured by ABB and in addition to arc faults, these robust switches protect against a host of other electrical threats, including:

    • Short circuit protection
    • Ground protection
    • Parallel protection
    • Overload protection
    • Series protection

    Mitigate the risk of worn electrical wires, stressed cords, damaged appliances, receptacle leakage, and other wiring threats by investing in arc fault protection from General Electric.


    GE Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters

    Is your electrical system located near water? Whether it’s in the bathroom, the garage, or by a pool, you need to protect your home or business from the severe risk of ground faults.

    Ground faults occur when stressed or damaged cords expose electrical wire to water, allowing the current to surge out and find an unsafe route to ground. This electrifies the water or metal surface exposed to the wire, shocking and potentially killing anyone who touches it.

    GE’s Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (also known as GFCI breakers) protect your family or customers from the threat of ground faults by instantly detecting when a fault has occurred and shutting down the flow of electricity.

    This type of circuit breaker is also manufactured by ABB for General Electric and these strong breakers protect your system from:

    • Damaged wires
    • Wet environments
    • Loose electrical connections
    • Deteriorating electrical insulation
    • Damaged appliances
    • Overheated wires
    • Stressed cords

    An additional feature of GE GFCI breakers is an LED indicator that alerts you to the type of fault that occurred and simplifies troubleshooting.


    GE Tandem Breakers

    Tandem breakers (also called “duplex breakers”) are space-saving devices that enable you to fit two narrow breakers into a slot designed for one breaker. GE tandem breakers are generally used when a breaker box has reached capacity, forcing you to maximize space.

    Before installing a tandem breaker, always check to make sure that your panelboard allows them.


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    Why High-Quality Circuit Breakers Matter

    Circuit breakers protect your home and business against many electrical hazards, including electrocution and fire. An easy way to understand just how critical breakers are to your electrical system is to look at what happens when low-quality breakers are used.

    For example, here’s the damage that electrical fires inflict on Americans each year:

    • 51,000 residential electrical fires
    • Over $1 billion dollars lost in property damage
    • 1,400+ injuries
    • 500+ deaths from electrical fires

    Out of these tens of thousands of fires, 28,000 are the fault of arc faults in the wiring — a situation that can be entirely mitigated by using high-quality circuit breakers.


    How to Choose the Right GE Circuit Breaker

    Protect your home and business from arc faults, ground faults, and other electric disasters by investing in GE circuit breakers.

    Are you not sure how to choose the right breaker for your GE circuit breaker panel? Here are 4 things to consider when choosing a breaker for your electrical system:

    1. Circuit Breaker Type. As listed at the top of this page, there are many types of circuit breakers (GFCI, AFCI, etc.). To determine which kind you need, examine the old breaker you are replacing.
    2. Check the Manufacturer. In general, circuit breakers only work when paired with a breaker box from the same brand. Check the documentation on the breaker panel to ensure you get a compatible brand of breaker.
    3. Match the Specifications. Your new circuit breaker needs to have the same voltage rating, frequency, number of poles, load and trip current, and continuous trip current rating as the old breaker.
    4. The Operating Conditions. Breakers are designed for certain types of operating conditions. If your breaker will be working in high ambient temperatures, high altitudes, or in an environment laden with moisture and the potential for corrosion, then you need a GE breaker that’s designed to withstand these factors.

    If you have any questions about the kind of General Electric circuit breakers that you need for your electrical system, contact the experienced staff here at Electrical Supply Distribution. We’re happy to answer your questions and point you in the right direction.

    Also, in addition to a huge variety of GE breaker types, we offer a wide array of circuit breaker accessories, including GE circuit breaker panels.



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