31 October, 2023

Circuit breakers are switches that shield your electrical circuits from damage caused by electrical overloads and short circuits. When someone reports that a circuit breaker ” tripped,” it means that it has detected a malfunction and has shut off to save the wiring from overheating and conceivably burning.


When this happens, you should find out how to fix the circuit breaker by consulting a certified electrician. 

How to Repair a Circuit Breaker When It Stops Working?

Chancing any missing or damaged corridor visually inspects the circuit breaker and is the first step in fixing it. Following that, an electrical test and examination are performed to look for any problems with the circuit breaker. 


After the form is authorized, the defective corridor is removed and replaced with new bones. A final test and examination ensure correct operation before the circuit breaker is reactivated. 

Why Do You Need Electricians for Circuit Breakers? 

There are serious safety risks when ignoring an electrical issue or selecting dangerous do-it-yourself fixes since they may cause damage to electronic devices or ignite a fire. Getting help from a qualified electrician and preventive maintenance services is the best course of action.


To make sure that every company gets the appropriate circuit breakers for their power demands, Electrical Supply Distribution offers a wide variety of commercial circuit breakers, helping you to maximize your business with a dependable circuit breaker that guards against electrical fires and reacts quickly to overcurrent.


Which kind of commercial circuit breaker will be best for you will depend on your industry and the voltage levels you utilize; your options are as follows:


High-voltage circuit breakers have an innate ability to sense circuit problems and correct them before they become dangerous.


Typically, medium voltage circuit breakers are situated outside a commercial structure in an outbuilding or other substation.


Low-voltage circuit breakers are ideal if you own a smaller business and just need a circuit breaker that can perform at a higher capacity than a high-end domestic breaker.


Two switching methods allow thermal magnetic circuit breakers to react to overcurrents quickly. A bimetal switch and an electromagnet switch are two examples of these switching devices.


Industrial magnetic commercial circuit breakers use electromagnetic properties to operate an open or closed circuit. The electromagnetic system closes, allowing the circuit to open when the electrical current crosses the proper threshold.

Various Commercial Circuit Breaker Brands:

Commercial circuit breakers from GE, Eaton, Cutler Hammer, Siemens, Square D, and other manufacturers are available in our inventory. 

Choosing The Right Circuit Breaker

When a breaker trips frequently, it might get weak and worn out, sometimes tripping before it should. Alternatively, a breaker might need to be replaced if it keeps tripping after the problem has been repaired. 


Even if none of these issues may indicate a breaker issue, you’ll still need the assistance of a repair specialist to identify how to fix the circuit breaker at the issue’s source and stop any disruptions.


Electrical Supply Distribution is committed to helping you maximize your business with a dependable overcurrent circuit breaker that guards against electrical fires and reacts instantly to overcurrents. Get in touch with the team today to find out more about our variety of commercial circuit breakers.