1 June, 2023

Have you ever wondered how to read circuit breaker numbers? And what do they mean? In today’s article, we are going to look at how to read circuit breaker labels, how to read a circuit breaker panel, and how to read the numbers on a circuit breaker the easy way.

Once you open your main electrical panel you will notice labels on your circuit breaker with numbers next to them. Do you know what those numbers mean? Keep reading to find out more.

Circuit Breaker Panel: How’s it Work?

Think of the main circuit breaker as a big switch. The purpose of a circuit breaker is to distribute the power supply to your house. The circuit breaker box also houses smaller sub-switches that control certain areas of the house. These switches are called breakers and they are there to ensure electrical safety.

Your circuit breaker acts as a safety device that prevents the circuits from overloading and protects the wiring. It also protects you from electrical shocks and fire due to overloading the system. Fires can lead to property damage, burns, and in extreme cases loss of life.

Guide on How To a Read Circuit Breaker

Look for the Breaker Box

Locate the breaker box, it’s usually a gray box that is mounted on the wall. It can be found in the utility room, laundry room, garage, kitchen, or basement. If you can’t find it inside your home, it could be located outside.

Read and Check the Labels

Once you open the box you’ll notice two columns of switches. Power from each switch is sent to a specific circuit. Each circuit should be labeled clearly. The circuits could be numbered; the numbers will correspond to the switches and will be listed inside the breaker’s side panel.

Identify Switches

If your switches haven’t been labeled then it’s very important to correct this, so you can properly identify the switches.

To identify the switches, follow these simple steps:

  • Switch off all the circuits on the board, then turn the first one on.
  • Take a walk around your home and check which lights and switches are still working. Take something easy to move around, such as a portable lamp to test the plug points.
  • Once you have figured out which switch controls which circuit, label the switches accordingly.
  • Repeat this process, until you have correctly identified all the switches.

When the circuit breaker trips, you will need to know how to reset it. To reset the breaker, look for the switch that is the opposite way to the rest of the switches. Turn the breaker to the off position. Turn it on again after a few seconds. This should reset the system and your plug points should be in working order once again.

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Circuit breakers are an essential safety feature that every home requires. Selecting the correct circuit breaker can be quite tricky.

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