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    Electrical Supply

    At Electrical Supply Distribution LLC., we are a family-owned and operated electrical supply company. Our goal is to make high-quality electrical products accessible for everybody in the Northwest, as well as shipping electrical supplies all across the country.

    In strategically partnering with the most reputable and safety-conscious manufacturers, we can guarantee our customers the highest-quality parts and customer service. The ESD team goes above and beyond to help keep you informed and poised to choose the best electric products for your business.

    If that piques your interest, read on to discover more about our electrical parts and electrical supply offers. Or, contact us today to get your order started.


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    Electrical Supply

    Did you find your way here by searching “electrical supply near me” on Google? Well then, we’re pleased that you’re here!

    Electrical Supply Distribution LLC., has more than 20 years of accredited experience in the electrical supply industry. We’re a family-owned electrical supply store run by experienced professionals that take pride in serving businesses, corporations, companies, and homeowners all across the USA.

    No matter if you’re looking for trip units or circuit breakers, brands like Siemens or GE, ESD has everything you need for a premium electrical distribution setup.


    Electric Supply: Trip Units & Circuit Breakers

    Our selection of industrial circuit breakers and trip units minimize any risk of power surges and numerous other electrical hazards. These electrical parts will keep your employees safe, your hardware running without a hitch, and equip your electrical distribution box with the very best that electrical tech has to offer.


    Industrial Circuit Breakers

    The correct and safe distribution of electricity is vitally important. Because we understand the value of safety, we go the extra mile to offer industrial and commercial businesses with durable circuit breakers.

    A circuit breaker is a set of automated switches that detect when an electrical circuit has experienced a fault. Common faults could be the following:

    • Overloaded circuit
    • Short circuit
    • Ground fault
    • Other electrical hazard

    If your circuit breaker identifies such an issue, it will promptly power down that circuit to prevent any risk of electrocution, electrical fire, or other electrical catastrophes.

    To keep you and your property safe, we have stocked only the highest-quality industrial circuit breakers. We can ensure our breakers will offer coverage for circuits of all shapes and sizes.

    Not sure where to start? Take a look at our online catalog to see which breaker you need. You can purchase online and get it shipped directly to you!

    Or if you can’t find the breaker you need or need a little extra guidance choosing an industrial circuit breaker, just give us a ring and a rep from our team will help you find the perfect breaker for your needs.


    Industrial Trip Units

    Trip units provide a critical function within circuit breakers. They are the part of the breaker that measures when the breaker’s contacts have opened. Here’s an example:

    A thermal-magnetic breaker is able to use heat sensing strips of metal to instantaneously identify overloads and power down that circuit.

    At ESD, we offer a wide variety of industrial trip units, to include the following options:

    • 3 pole 125A
    • 3 pole 250A
    • 3 pole 300A
    • 3 pole 400A options
    • And more!

    All of our trip units are manufactured by Cutler-Hammer, who has been leading the industry in manufacturing electrical supply products since 1893.


    Electrical Supply Products From Leading Brands

    With a heavy commitment to top-quality electrical supply products, we have stocked only the most highly-rated products from expert manufacturers.

    Our top manufacturers include:

    If you’re having trouble choosing which brand is the right one for your needs, give us a call and we’ll have one of our electrical supply specialists get your questions answered.


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    Why You Should Partner With Electrical Supply Distribution LLC

    Electrical Supply Distribution LLC. is a family-owned electrical supply company that cares just as much about providing friendly customer service as we do providing quality products.

    Every interaction with our customers is valuable to us, which is why we are delighted to get phone calls where we can help answer questions. It’s the goal of our electrical store for you to have the most comprehensive information possible so that you can make great purchasing decisions for your unique needs.

    Even more, as your go-to electric supply company, we’re also happy to equip you with any drawings or datasheets needed so that you are well-informed about your circuit breaker or trip unit prior to your purchase.


    Order From An Electrical Supply You Can Count On

    If you’ve got a question regarding our electrical supplies, commercial electrical supply, industrial electrical supply residential electrical supplies or want to place an order by phone, please contact ESD today.

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