16 November, 2022

There are various types of wires and connections used in the wiring and electrical sector to connect electrical and mechanical devices. The use of cable lugs makes it simple to install, repair, and maintain electrical equipment or cables. When a permanent connection between two devices or cables is not possible, electrical lugs are used.


An electric current can be supplied and distributed between electrical wires without difficulty using a cable lug. In addition to connecting cables and power lines, it is also used to connect fuse sockets, load switches, and electrical appliances.


The wire sizes for lugs range from #8AWG to 1000 MCM, and they are manufactured of high-grade electrolytic copper (ETP Grade), which is also available in a variety of diameters and mounting holes. The terminals have corrosion-resistant tin plating and are CSA and UL-certified. Most of these connectors are available in rubber or plastic insulated sheets since lugs are used to connect electrical equipment and cables.


Remember that different lug brands have varying conductivities; some conduct electricity better than others. You should also consider the material it is made of, such as copper or aluminum.


Types of Circuit Breaker Lugs Kits

The following types of circuit breaker lug kits are used for cable termination and connecting tasks depending on the application of the cables.


Mechanical Lugs

Heavy-duty lugs like mechanical lugs are frequently utilized in electrical and construction applications. It is made to support a variety of connectors. Mechanical lugs, sometimes called “electrical lugs,” are used for larger wires and cables. They are frequently made of copper or aluminum.


They come in three varieties: plain type, sight hole type (which is identical to the plain kinds but has a wider hole), and connector type, which are appropriate for large wires and cables.


Compression Lugs

Compression Lugs are an input power connection of the studded kind. Depending on the purpose, compression cable lugs and connectors are made of electrolytic copper or aluminum. They may come with an electro-tin plate to prevent corrosion and one or two holes from facilitating the instant connection. When working with lower-scale connections, compression lugs are preferred.


Grounding Lugs

Grounding lugs are heavy-duty lugs that secure cables to steel structures and transformers. Grounding lugs are used to bond wires and surfaces in grounding applications and are made to be quick and simple to install.


Different Brands of Circuit Breaker Lugs Kits From ESD

ESD LLC stocks a variety of circuit breaker lug kits from well-known brands such as Cutler Hammer, Eaton Circuit Breakers, General Electric, Siemens, and Square-D.


Circuit Breaker Lugs Kits At ESD LLC

At EDS LLC, the following circuit breaker lug kits can be found:

  • Cutler Hammer 3TA400K
  • Cutler Hammer 3TA150FB


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